All About Colloidal Silver

Silver may be a precious metal you know about already. But did you know that there are healing properties to it, when you use it as a holistic medication? Colloidal silver can help with a variety of different ailments, and it will give you a new view of health. It has been used for thousands of years to stimulate good health, and a variety of other benefits. It’s with that in mind that the following may be worth investigating a bit. The following are the top 10 benefits and uses of colloidal silver today.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The first major benefit has everything to do with the reversal of inflammation in the body. Often times, when you feel pain in your body, it’s due in large part to the fact that you have tissues that are inflamed and are difficult to manage. When you take a pain reliever, it’s anti-inflammatory in nature. Silver can do the same, only it’s done with easier recovery, few to no side effects, and can actually prevent inflammation from starting. That’s right, before your body gets inflamed tissue, you can thwart it, and that’s due to the anti-inflammatory elements of this solution.

Reverse Ear Infections

Infections of the ear can be difficult to manage. Even going to a doctor will not suffice, as you’ll be prescribed drops to place into the ear canal. Well, silver can help by killing bacteria that can get trapped at the ear drum or underneath. Within a few days, you could very well enjoy your hearing and ears free from pain again. This can even help with “swimmer’s ear”. Not only that, it’s gentle enough to use with children’s ears, so if they get an infection, test this method out and see how it can very well work miracles for your ear infections.

Heal Skin Irritations

Your skin is made up of several layers, and the layers can get irritated, inflamed, and yield rashes. This is a difficult thing to avoid, and when you have any sort of skin issue, you may want to itch it, for relief. That only spreads the problem, and can cause a variety of problems with your dermis. Colloidal silver can help alleviate the burning, itching, and minor cuts you may have on the dermis. It does so through an anti-septic property, and heals from the inside out. Applying it to the skin directly, can help with stimulating cell regeneration and repair.

Fight The Common Cold

Used as a natural remedy to help with common colds, you could very well see yourself well and good within a short span of time. In fact, studies have shown that you could very well see complete results within days sooner than going with over the counter medications. The healing properties of silver help with removing inflammation in the sinuses, and alleviating coughs, associated with the common cold. It helps from the nasal cavity to the throat tissue, and works within a few days, helping people get back to work faster than ever before.

Bring Back Your Voice

Ever have a sore throat? Throw out your voice? Well, with silver, you can gargle it with a little bit of water, and you can find your voice return faster than having to just rest it. The silver’s properties help with the tissue’s inflammation and help give you a little boost in repairing your larynx with ease. Getting your voice back after a concert, or repairing damage from yelling too much is tough, but with silver, you can make the healing process go a lot smoother, and easier, that’s for sure. It’s a simple option that beats having to stay quiet too long.

Cleaning Vegetables

Did you know that you can easily clean your vegetables with vinegar, water, and silver? Mix this up, and you can remove all microbes, pesticides, herbicides, and wax that may be on your vegetables. You can never be too careful about what you’re consuming, and with this little mix, you could very well save yourself from getting sick when you eat spinach, lettuce, or many other vegetables that have recently been found contaminated and recalled. Avoid getting sick, and ensure that you’re feeding your family clean food, with the assistance of silver.

Helping Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections are tough to deal with, but you can fight back with a little silver. Researchers studying UTI problems in adults found that patients that used colloidal silver to help with reversing the issue and even staving off future problems. This is promising research for those that have been dealing with continual problems with their urinary tract. Healing infections faster, and alleviating the discomfort that comes with this problem is an incredible push forward, and that’s thanks to the homeopathic option found here. You can boost your urinary tract, without having to go to extremes, that’s for sure.

Boost Your Immune System

Whole offices get sick. They have staff that come in, get sick, and have to call out. Some work forces suffer greatly because of this, and yet in every office there’s that one person that is left standing. How do they avoid getting sick? What is their secret? Well, it could very well be silver. You see, this can boost the immune system, and can fight infectious elements before they form into full blown disease. Boosting the immune system will help you fight against colds, flu, and other viruses that can get your whole workplace sick. Imagine not having to call in sick, getting all your work down, and not having to worry about sickness during the seasonal changes, and you can see why this is so important.

Fight Against Food Poisoning

Are you an adventurous eater? Well, silver can help you not only digest your food, it can help you fight against food poisoning. Every year, millions of people try new foods and find that they cannot stomach some of the more eclectic of cuisines. But you can enjoy whatever you’d like, and test the limits with a little boost form silver. This helps with digestion, kills bacteria, and optimizes your body’s internal acids so that you can break down food, avoid getting sick, and enjoy foods from around the world. It fights against food poisoning, so you have peace of mind when tasting new things.

Keep Your Dentist Happy

Silver has been shown to help with repairing decay, and tooth enamel. It has also been found to help with bleeding gums. The anti-inflammatory elements kill bacteria, help strengthen teeth, and boost the fluoride ion that you may be using in your toothpaste. To get the results here, you’ll need to swish silver, gargle a little, and spit it out. Let the elements get into the teeth and gums, and you’ll see results come through in a matter of weeks. Your next dental visit is going to be stellar, and it’s all thanks to this, and of course good hygiene. Test this out, and see how impressed your dentist will be next time around.


Stay Well With Fitness

Fitness is an obvious key to overall wellness. Though it may be surprising to some, fitness is easier than many think. Fitness levels aren’t necessarily readily apparent by looking at someone either. I’ve attended and participated in many races, walks and rides and it’s not always the most fit looking individuals that are having a strong finish. So, although you may not feel that you have the typically “fit” body type it doesn’t mean you aren’t, can’t or won’t be fit. Cardio fitness is the key! Having a strong, healthy heart is the most important thing on which to focus. If you make having a strong heart your goal, other things like weight loss, stronger muscles, stronger bones and increased lung capacity will naturally follow.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), physical fitness is defined as ‘the ability to carry out daily tasks with vigor and alertness, without undue fatigue, and with ample energy to enjoy leisure-time pursuits and respond to emergencies.’ A lot of people today huff and puff after walking from the car into their workplace, or walking around the grocery store. Our lives are no longer designed to maintain physical fitness. In years past just living promoted fitness, working to grow or gather our own food, hunting, building our dwellings, carrying water, were all physical tasks. Humans didn’t have time to sit around and become unfit. If they did, it was because they were dying! In their book, Younger Next Year, Chris Crowley and Henry Lodge, MD, cover this evolutionary phenomenon in detail.


With most Americans today leading sedentary lifestyles the importance of getting regular exercise to stay fit has become even more important than in the recent past. Exercising regularly and increasing your cardio fitness works to decrease your risk of many diseases. This includes heart disease which is the leading cause of death in the United States. Other diseases that are reduced include diabetes, stroke, and colon cancer. Exercise also helps to increase lung capacity, getting more oxygen to your brain more easily. It also helps to improve joint health and flexibility as well. One of the other main reasons people begin to exercise is to control their weight. All these effects combine to help to reduce the effects of aging on our bodies, and add years to your life.

In addition to the physical benefits of exercise, there are many mental benefits as well. Exercise is shown to release endorphins into the blood stream which help reduce stress and elevate moods. Studies show that it can even have a positive impact on mild depression. People who exercise on a regular basis have generally better self esteem and attitude toward life. They sleep better at nights and have more energy throughout the day. Studies also show that they have better memories.

Another, rather unexpected, benefit of exercise is that, because many people workout in groups, it satisfies another basic need… human connection. Even if exercise only takes place once in a while with other people, this very necessary social interaction has mental health benefits. A great example of this is Mom & Baby exercise classes. New mothers often feel isolated and overwhelmed. Many yearn for an adult to talk to throughout the day. Mom & Baby classes provide an important outlet for new moms to get exercise, adult conversation, and connection. It’s a great place to get babies socialized as well!


The amount of exercise needed has been a point of great debate for a number of years. Some sources say that at least a half an hour a day, five times a week is the minimum requirement. Others state that one can start with as little as 5-10 minutes a day or even just a couple of times a week and gain some benefit. However, getting some sort of exercise every day will help reap the benefits more quickly. Of course, the more you exercise, the more stamina you will build and the more you will be able to exercise. Once you begin to feel the benefits it is easier to stay motivated and WANT to exercise more.


Yes there is. It is well known that some individuals can become obsessed or addicted to exercise. This is particularly well documented in cases of anorexia nervosa, where exercise is overly used in combination with other things, to lose weight. This use of exercise is classified as a mental illness and is not something the majority of people are prone to. Recently however, studies have been indicating that years of endurance training can actually be damaging to the heart. This has been shown in individuals who train for and participate in a number of marathons, ultra-marathons, and Ironman triathlons. Again, it is not something the general exerciser has to worry about. If you are looking to become more fit or maintain fitness, the current guideline is 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise is plenty.


Low and High impact exercise are terms that are sometimes used to describe the cardio intensity of the workout. But there is much more to it than that. The impact level also indicates whether your feet are leaving the ground and how much. Hiking and elliptical machine workouts are considered low impact because one of your feet is always on the ground, there is little to no jarring effect on your bone structure. High impact exercise such as running where both feet are off the ground for a split second cause more of a pounding effect on your skeleton. Low impact exercise includes cycling and swimming as well as other water exercises like aqua jogging are water aerobics. These type of activities are great for individuals with any type of joint issue or beginners at exercise. Your heart rate doesn’t increase as much as with high impact workouts such as running or jump roping. High impact exercise has the benefit of a greater cardio workout and has been shown to build bone density. High impact exercise should be reserved for those without bone or joint issues and with a moderate to high level of fitness.

Being active and fit is so essential to overall wellness I’m going to borrow from Nike and say JUST DO IT!!! The benefits can be noticed very quickly after beginning, especially the mental health benefits! Be patient with yourself and realize that every little bit helps on your journey to wellness.


Tips To Became Healthy and Happy Wife

After giving birth to my second child, I was what the doctor labeled obese. I knew I was overweight, but after my six-week follow-up I looked at the numbers on the scale and thought that while they still seemed high, they didn’t put me into the obese category. I waited almost a year before taking action to get the pounds off.

My family and I eat sit-down meals together daily. It was a ritual I grew up with that gave me time to talk to my family and bond with my siblings. Today, it is even more important to take that time together, but with our busy schedules sometimes it isn’t possible for some families. Mine usually does, though, and I guess I thought that because we were not eating out all the time we were eating healthy meals.

After joining a weight-loss program, I actually became educated on what is involved in a healthy lifestyle – and food is just one of the factors. I was shocked to learn what an actual serving size is, and even more shocked that one would actually fill me up. And who ever knew that when counting calories you needed to include liquids as well? I was also shocked to learn that not exercising was just as much of a health risk to me as smoking.

I also never realized the benefits of eating whole foods vs. processed foods. I know we were told to eat our veggies as children, but I never really knew why. I thought eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich was healthy, and I made them often. I didn’t realize that fruit preserves were the better choice, on whole grain bread. I negated all my efforts by eating white bread that really had no nutritional value whatsoever. So I decided to take it slowly and learn more about nutrition first, then move on to exercise.

I tried changing my diet, and my family reaped the benefits as well. We cleared the cupboards of all the junk food and processed foods and replaced them with healthy options. That was the first step. Planning meals ahead was next. A couple of weeks after I thought I had mastered that, I moved on to exercise. Well, that in itself was as foreign to me as healthy eating.

We joined the local YMCA so that my whole family, again, reaped the benefits. I was overwhelmed to walk into the fitness center and see a bunch of machines I did not recognize, other than a treadmill and stationary bike, and even those I had no idea how to operate. But the staff was more than willing to help, and even assigned me a personal trainer to start me on an exercise routine I could handle. My husband and I were able to work out together as our children played safely in their childcare area or an age-appropriate area for them.

Everyone got moving and eating better, and now almost five years later we are all still managing to maintain that lifestyle. I admit, there have been setbacks. Having dealt with a weight issue throughout my life is comparable to drug addiction, in my eyes. A drug addict or an alcoholic is always a drug addict or alcoholic. I am a food addict, and it takes enormous effort for me to recognize that on a daily basis. Every setback is an opportunity for defeat. Either you let it defeat you or you defeat it. I choose to defeat my addictions, and work at it constantly.


Benefit Of Red Gingseng

Somewhere in Asia, an herb called ginseng is famously grown. Naturally, ginseng is not found in its red form it undergoes a certain process to attain its desired color. Normally, red ginseng is produced by processing the roots of Korean ginseng. However, according to native Asians, a certain process is followed in order to produce a red ginseng. There are different variations of red ginseng such as but not limited to the following: Korean, Chinese, Red Panax. One of the best ginseng is Red Panax Ginseng. It can be manufactured when a panax ginseng is heated, by steaming or through a direct exposure to sunlight.

Ginseng is best suitable to a climate and soil found in Far East Asia. The herb is grown mainly in Korea, due to its suitable climate and soil found in the region. According to the latest statistics, Korean ginseng is labeled as the most famous ginseng all over the world. They are is labeled as the most expensive ginseng in the world, because of the tedious processes, and the time it needs to undergo in order to attain its best quality. Although it is known for its expensiveness, red ginseng is still commonly used by health conscious individuals, for the reason that it has numerous health benefits.

There are at least 5 benefits of a red ginseng. Enumerated below are the complete list of benefits.

1.) It can strengthen the body’s ability to fight infections;

2.) In general, it aids the increase of fertility, sperm count or mobility and sexual performance of men. Therefore, is essential for married couples who want to conceive a child. Thus, red ginseng is one of the health solutions in treating infertility problems of men.

3.) Most women suffer severe symptoms during menopausal stage. They promote the production of hormone estrogens in which according to native medical experts can treat hormonal problem issues during menopausal stage. Further, it also has a powerful substance which can be used to strengthen the uterine muscles and thereby ensures a good supply of blood in the uterus. For women, red ginseng is therefore also greatly recommended especially for treating hormonal issues.

4.) For kids and young adults, this is also a powerful health tool in providing them great body resistance. Due to the presence of ginsenosides in this type of herb, which can boost energy levels, it can further boost the immune system of kids. Further, it can also improve brain function and enhance mental alertness, concentration levels, and retention power. However, it must be used in moderation.

5.) For cancer and diabetic patient, red ginseng is also a good food supplement. Red ginseng can fight back the growth of cancer cells because it can kill abnormal cancer cells and sometimes convert abnormal cancer cells into normal cancer cells which could reduce the risk of a deterioration of various forms of cancer and would strengthen the body resistance. For diabetic patients, the frequent use of red ginseng can reduce the level of glucose in the blood stream and enhance their metabolism. In addition, this herb can control cortisol levels which are known as an aid in preventing any stress related issues in the blood sugar levels.

Based on the studies conducted, too much usage of this natural herb can also cause health problems. In using red ginseng a caution must be measured. Therefore, careful amount of dosage and an expert medical consultation must be considered in order to avoid more complications.


Tips To Build Healthy Environtment

Hello everyone, my name is Kyle and I am going to share with you what I have learned about the misperception that you are living fit as opposed to actually living fit.

A year ago, living fit to me was going to the gym 3 days a week and working on arms, legs, chest, the usual. I just went to the gym because it was the masculine thing to do and lots of people did it. It also “kept me in shape”, at least I thought. I started to question if I was actually living a “healthy” lifestyle during the winter time. For the 3rd year in a row I got very sick and ended up being hospitalized. Some of you may experience the same conditions. All I thought was that I got sick from the cold weather. Little did I know that there were many more reasons as to why I was hospitalized. For days I would sit in my bed with troubled breathing which I thought was all due to asthma. This turned out to be wrong.

As I questioned myself I ended up doing extensive research on what can make people sick in the winter. It ended up being that the winter really did not have much to do with it. My doctor asked me what I was eating at the time. I told him pretty much anything which meant a lot of fast food which has very little nutrition. He told me that was the issue. Many people who care about their health know that going to the gym does not mean you are healthy. Being healthy refers more to your diet than anything. You can not go to the gym 3 days a week and not limit yourself to the amount of unhealthy food that you eat. It turns out that an unhealthy diet will make that time you spent in the gym show nothing. I was in denial at first to believe that the food I ate caused me to get this sick, but I gave a shot to changing to see a difference.

The next year I kept myself on a strict diet. This meant no McDonalds, Wendys, or any other fast food restaurant that comes to mind. I also ended up buying some workout equipment so I could stay home for my workouts to see if it would help from not going out into the cold. Enough said, I found a website with reviews about some workout equipment that I found and in it, it said that my body would function better from the type of workout provided. I ended up purchasing two out of the equipment shown on the website. Buying two was useless because they do the same thing but I just decided I would switch off each day. Every day I worked out for about an hour on these machines and decided to see what results I would have. Take in mind this is the winter again.

The first thing that I noticed was that I felt more alive during the winter time. Winter was a very sluggish time for me. I am unsure if it was seasonal depression or just my body reacting to the food that I ate. The next thing that I noticed was that over time I was able to go for an hour and a half to two hours on these machines. The last thing I noticed was that I was getting stronger and able to handle more resistance. But the final result was that I did not get a single cold once in that winter. Doubting my doctor still, I just thought I got lucky as some stubborn humans like me would.

Before I spread the news I ended up staying quiet about this because I did not want to look stupid to my peers. I know many other people that get sick each winter just like me and did not want to waste their time with what I thought was a miracle. I decided to try this one more year. The next year I kept the same diet and same workout routine except I kept the working out on all year. The next year I had the same exact results. I was more alive, I was getting stronger, and I did not get sick. So this is why I am sharing this with you: to help others out there that went through the same struggle like me. Try this routine and see if it helps.


Healthy Snacks For Your Toddler

By the age of two years, the kid should be eating three healthy meals a day along with snacks. Offer food with different flavors and textures to your child. Offer finger food to your child as at this age kids love to eat on their own. A child continues to develop his or her feeding skills, encourage new foods and flavor combinations. Here are a few healthy snack ideas which can be added to daily meal of a Kid:

• Wheat Fruit Pancakes

Cooking time: 15 to 20 minutes

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, milk, seasonal fruits, sugar (optional), butter/ghee, honey

Method: Chop all dry fruits into small pieces. Mix Ragi powder, milk, and sugar in a bowl and let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes. Brush the pan with butter and pour half a ladle of batter on the pan. Cook it properly from both the sides. Set aside to cool it down. Layer it with banana slices and drizzle honey on the pancake.

Note: Make sure your kid is not allergic to any dry fruits. You may use the dry fruit powder in it instead of pieces. You can add other fruits of your baby’s choice as well.

• Besan Chilla

Time: 10 to 15 minutes

Ingredient: Chickpea flour, salt, beans, capsicum, carrot, onion, butter

Method: Wash and dry all veggies. Chop them into small pieces. Mix chickpea flour, veggies, salt, pepper and water in a bowl. Prepare a batter of similar consistency. Heat the pan and brush it with butter. Pour half a ladle of batter into the pan. Cook it properly from both the sides and let it cool down before offering it to the child.

Note: You can opt for veggies as per the preference of your child. Make sure the veggies are chopped into small pieces and cooked properly.

• Colorful sandwiches

Time required: 15 to 20 minutes

Ingredient required: Brown bread, Tomato, Onion, Cucumber, salt, butter, ketchup, mayonnaise

Method: Wash and clean all the vegetable. Cut veggies into small pieces and set aside. Put a little butter on a pan and toast bread. Mix mayonnaise and veggies in a bowl. Spread it evenly on the bread. Sprinkle salt and pepper. Use a cookie cutter to give shapes to these sandwiches.

Note: Select the veggies as per your baby’s liking. Use ketchup to make a smiley face on a sandwich to make it more appealing to your child.

Your child still has a small stomach, so he might get hungrier more often. Feed him one to two snacks throughout the day to keep his energy level up.


This Is Would Be Happen If You Skip Your Breakfast

According to a recent study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, those who skip breakfast are more likely to experience atherosclerosis, aka hardening of the arteries, than those who ate a daily, healthy meal in the morning. 1

The connection, it appears, is that those who are breakfast skippers tend to have more unhealthy diets and lifestyles than those who don’t. They found in the study that overall, those who opt to skip breakfast had poorer diets, were more likely to have high blood pressure or be overweight, and were more likely to smoke or consume alcohol in excess. All of these factors lead to an increased risk for atherosclerosis. Lack of breakfast is not the cause, per se, but an indicator of other health habits.

Now, when I read the study synopsis I was suddenly reminded of another study I recently perused. It linked low potassium intake with hardening of the arteries.2 I got to thinking. Does lack of a morning meal also mean less nutrient intake overall, and therefore decreased intake of critical nutrients for heart health?

Think about it. If you are skipping an entire meal, one that for most provides roughly one quarter to one third of a person’s daily calories and nutrients, wouldn’t this eventually have an impact on nutrient status (particularly potassium) and therefore one’s heart?

The daily recommended intake for potassium is 4,700 mg per day. This is easily achieved if the diet is full of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and dairy. This is hard to achieve if one lives on processed foods and is skipping meals. It seems, therefore, that skipping an important meal, one that has the potential to provide a good dose of nutrition, could be a serious problem. Now, if a person is very diligent with their diet the rest of the day and makes up those nutrients elsewhere, clearly this is less likely to be a problem. But let’s be honest: that is not most of us.

So while we thought the great breakfast debate had died down, evidently it has not. Here we have yet another reason to start your day off right. Eat your breakfast, and make sure it is healthy… for your heart’s sake.

Now that begs the question: what constitutes a healthy breakfast? Let’s dive into some potassium rich breakfast ideas to get you going in the morning:

*Sweet potato hash and eggs

*Greek yogurt with fruit and nuts

*Protein shakes:

-Add banana and/or berries

-Add avocado

-Mix with coconut water for a super potassium boost

*Egg scramble with spinach, broccoli and onions

*Avocado toast

*Smoked salmon or lox on toast w/ fruit on the side (cantaloupe is a great choice!)


Benefit of Essiac Tea

Essiac tea is an alternative health drink that is getting a lot of attention lately. It’s a tea that is comprised of several herbal elements include burdock, rhubarb, elm bark, and many other elements. It has been traced to being a major drink of indigenous tribes in North America. Researchers have been studying the drink for some time, and it has been shown to help the body in a number of ways. Drinking this on a regular basis could very well help with the following 10 benefits.

Liver Health

The first major benefit is in regard to the liver. The blend of herbs helps with cleaning the liver of toxicity. It can flush toxicity through the liver, and process it through the urine. With this tea, some individuals may see a reversal of issues related to jaundice. Which is a disease of the liver. While it’s not a miracle cure, it does support liver function, enzymes, and the removal of toxicity that can end up traveling through the body’s digestive tract. It can help boost immune system, and waste management, with a boost to the liver outright.

Ease Constipation

For individuals that are dealing with bowel movement issues, specifically constipation, this tea can help. The herbs can help soften the stool, and can help bring through enough fiber to help with intestinal distress. This is an easy laxative to take as it works with the body’s natural systems. It’s not a chemical stimulant, or harsh fibrous element. The herbs help the body manage waste, and assist with constipation with ease. There is no pain, or issue when taking this tea, as it helps the body within a few hours of drinking it, assuming the individual is struggling with constipation.

Iron Supplement

Essiac tea has a few key vitamins and minerals. One of the most common is iron. Iron is a very critical part of the body’s natural systems. With iron supplemented through tea drinking, you’ll find that the proteins in the blood help form red blood cells, and even help with reversing anemia. This strengthens circulation, and assists with proper production of hemoglobin. Staving off anemia is a great thing, and can help people that are struggling with diet and exercise, get a small boost in the right direction. It helps directly with the circulatory system, promoting heart health.

Blood Pressure Regulation

Those dealing with blood pressure issues, specifically high blood pressure, will find that the tea can help with circulation. It can help with lowering pressure, and regulating heartbeat. Those that utilize this as a calming drink, will find that it can help with a variety of different elements in the body. It can lower pressure, and even help with stress. It begins working within the first time taking it, and works as one drinks more of it through several days. Studies have shown that in a few days, pressure can significantly drop to safer levels.

Bone Health

Much like calcium, this tea can help with bone health. While it’s not the same compound as calcium, it does help with strengthening bone structure, and delivers a powerful mix of vitamins and minerals that the body utilizes to strengthen bone structure. There is a calcium element in this, but not as much as milk, but enough to help boost the body’s natural resources to help with strengthening bones that are susceptible, or may be weakening from injury, or malnutrition.

Energy Boost

While Essiac tea is not caffeinated like a cup of tea, there is an energy level boost given to drinkers of this tea. It’s done through an increase of vitamin-C, and B elements. By helping the body’s natural systems get a boost in vitamins, waking up becomes easier, and getting a little natural energy delivers on the premise that coffee does, without the crash. That’s right, there’s no crash, there’s no sleepiness after drinking this, instead, energy becomes natural, without stimulants. It has a balance that works with the body.

Helps Digest Food

Having problems digesting food? Upset stomach? Nausea? Well, the benefit that this tea gives the digestive system is immense. It helps bring about the right pH levels of the body. By stimulating the stomach to produce the right enzymes, and bile production from the glands, you’ll find that digestion is much easier. That means that eating will not be a chore, and you’ll reduce heart burn, acid reflux, and much more. This helps by adding a helping hand to the stomach’s acid, so that it stabilizes a bit easier. It becomes easier to enjoy your favorite foods, that’s for sure.

Regulate Sugar Levels

While this is not a cure for diabetes, it has been shown to help with insulin production. It can help with insulin secretion, and management. This can help lower blood sugar spikes, and help keep levels lower, although it’s not a replacement for any diabetes treatment. It can help people that are susceptible to blood sugar spikes. This can also help with boosting the pancreas’s levels as well. For those that are diabetic, the tea can help with kidney function, and help with reducing toxicity. It helps with urination, frequency, and quantity as well.

Help The Skin

Researchers exploring the benefits of Essiac Tea have found that it can help with skin care. Used as a topical solution it can help with anti-septic, and anti-inflammatory elements. It also helps from the inside out, providing skin care elements, reduction of acne, and even fine lines. Those that are looking to help with the signs of aging will see a boost in overall skin care in a few days. It helps the body with hormonal secretions and balance, helping the skin heal from the rays of the sun, to the interior of the dermal layers.

Promotes Weight Loss

The last major thing that you’re going to find with this tea is that it helps with losing weight. By helping the body’s digestive system, you may get a boost of metabolic ratio. That means that you will burn calories, even when asleep. Pushing the metabolic rate is a great thing, and can lead to faster weight loss, and sustained management in time.


Healthy Food That Save Your Money

When choosing packaged foods, it’s important to read the labels. This can be time consuming but worth it. To save time, try focusing specifically on foods low in sugar, low in salt and high in protein. Stay away from anything containing high fructose corn syrup which is an unnecessary sugar additive. Why do we even need sugar in bread? Foods with the fewest ingredients are best. If you don’t know what an ingredient is, chances are it’s not good for you.

Marketing techniques labeling foods as Lite, gluten free, healthy or wheat may not always be the healthiest choice. As an educated consumer you should know the difference. Many so called “wheat” products may not be whole grain or made from whole wheat. The first ingredient should be whole wheat flour. Wheat flour, unbleached wheat flour, multigrain, enriched, and stone-ground wheat flour are alternative ways of saying “refined white flour.”

To save you some time in the grocery store, I’ve compiled a list of packaged healthy foods that can also save you money. Here are 6 packaged foods that I recommend:

1. Canned beans. Opt for the low salt version if you can. Always rinse the beans thoroughly to wash away any unnecessary salt. Try to avoid beans with sauce or refried beans that tend to be high in sodium.

2. vegetables. Plain vegetables without sauces and added salt are a healthy and delicious addition to any meal. Steamables are a great choice when you’re in a hurry or just too tired to cook. They are quick and easy and leave you with little clean up. They can be more expensive, so stock up when they’re on sale. I’ve found them on sale for as little or close to $1 a bag.

3. Frozen berries. Not only are they delicious, but can really save you money. Especially in the winter when berries are out of season and more expensive. Try mixing them in plain Greek yogurt. Or serving them with pancakes or French toast. It makes a natural sweet sauce. Sometimes we thaw them in the microwave, making them a little warm to pour over our pancakes. Try topping them with a dollop of Greek yogurt too. It gives it a taste that’s almost like a crepe.

4. Nut butter. If the ingredient says almonds, you have a winner. It takes some time to stir, but if you store it in the refrigerator, you shouldn’t have to stir it again.

5. Low sugar cereals. Ideally cereals should have less than 6 grams of sugar. Opt for whole grain cereal such as toasted oats and muesli. Unsweetened instant oatmeal can be thrown in the microwave for a quick & healthy breakfast.

6. Canned Tuna fish. Packed in water. This is a quick and inexpensive source of protein. I pack my tuna salad with lots of vegetables like onions, celery, carrots, vinegar, pepper and olive oil mayonnaise (it tastes just like the real thing without adding as much fat and calories).

When choosing pre-packaged foods just remember, marketing can be deceptive. The fewer ingredients, the more natural the product. Look for whole wheat flour as a first ingredient when selecting whole grain foods. Try to stay away from processed foods that are high in sodium, sugar or contain high fructose corn syrup.


The Impact Of Healthy Community

I called my friend, also named Lisa, who lives in Houston, Texas. Hurricane Harvey’s devastation had not only hit Houston, the fourth largest city in the United States, but many communities in the Gulf Coast region. According to my friend, who lives on the north side of Houston where they got no flooding except for those who were near a river or large body of water, the worst of the rain is over. People are leaving shelters scattered thought-out Harris County, where Houston is located.

Out of the 6.5 million people in the greater Houston area only about 1.5 million lost power and most all the water is drinkable. No need for ice, a valuable commodity, for many of us here in Charleston who experienced the wrath of Hurricane Hugo. Unlike Houston, Hurricane Hugo, also a category 4 storm, was a direct hit and as a result we not only got the flooding but also high winds. But no one can deny that the Houston area experienced the worst flooding in its history, with some areas getting as much as 50 inches of rain. And because Hurricane Harvey’s devastation was so widespread, it will take years for the region to recover from this natural disaster.

My friend, Lisa, who is originally from Charleston, knows about hurricanes and the emotional roller coaster they bring; the anxiety before the storm of not knowing exactly what is going to happen, the storm itself, the flooding and aftermath once the storm has passed. No doubt, you too, no matter where you call home, are aware of the horrific situation the residents of the Gulf Coast region, north of Brownsville, Texas, are now experiencing. Lives have been lost, people displaced and the uncertainty of what’s ahead. It is one thing to watch the news again and again and be reminded of the destruction and the anguish. But to just absorb the information without acting when we can help can be paralyzing and emotionally harmful.

Animals as well need help and assistance. Donate to the Houston Humane Society, which is helping animals affected by the storm. The Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, administered by the Greater Houston Community Foundation, is another charity. You may also want to check out Charity Navigator to further ensure your donations are helping those in need.

By helping those in need, you too can benefit. Studies have shown that people with strong social and community ties tend to live longer, are less likely to report being depressed, and have a stronger a sense of belonging, purpose and self worth.